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Nelson A&P Show Trade Sites

The annual Nelson A&P Show is an ideal location to showcase your business whether you are just starting out or have been in action for many years. Every year there is a wide range of trade exhibits from sweets and jewellery to cars, hen cages and tractors. There are a variety of sites available to suit - from large businesses right down to the smallest of businesses.

Power and water can be provided to sites on request so if you need it let us know on your Trade Site Application. If you have special requirements that may or may not fit in with our standard sized sites please contact us as soon as possible for a quotationas we can create a site fit to purpose for you.

If you are a food vendor make sure you get in touch with us as soon as you can as we only have 23 food court sites available and they always sell out very quickly. Remember that you must hold a Current Health Certificate of Registration & Stall License and only those that DO NOT sell Hot Dogs, Hot Chips or Candy Floss will be considered for one of the limited sites. We will also be restricting the amount of stalls selling Whitebait products.